If you’ve created a good 30/60/90-day sales plan before you start your job, you have a road map to success already.  Don’t assume that because you got the job, you can just toss it and go with the company flow.  That’s a little like “bait-and-switch.”  Most likely, your manager hired you in part because of your sales plan.  So, the first thing you should do after you start your job is to follow your plan!

You’ve already researched the specific company training, product training, or sales training that you need, so start setting that up.  Get to know your co-workers, support staff, and customers.  Learn the company culture and corporate systems. 

The most important thing you can do is to get feedback from your manager.  No later than one month into the job, meet with your manager to assess how you’re doing.  Having been on the job for that long, you will be able to rework the 60-day and the 90-day part of your plan if necessary, and you can take that re-written plan to your meeting for input on how to adjust it further. 

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