Affiliate Program Details


Thank you for your interest in joining the SalesRecruiterSite Affiliate program. As an SalesRecruiterSite Affiliate you’ll enjoy generous commissions, easy access to campaign management, and the excellent real-time tracking and communication tools administrated by our JROX JAM affiliate management software.

We currently have three affiliate programs that you can advertise when you join as an affiliate.

Product Programs

Your partnership as an affiliate entitles you to earn commissions (35%) from each of your referrals for any products that they purchase. Currently we have two product offerings (and another coming in April):

  • 30/60/90 Day Sales Plan Examples
  • 30/60/90 Day Sales Plan Template – Step by Step Worksheet
  • 30/60/90 Day Sales Plan Template – with Audio Coaching


Become an SalesRecruiterSite Affiliate!

Affiliate Program Specifics

Commission Rate

Products Programs

     35% for life of their membership
Referrals from your referrals:
     10% for the life of their membership*
Third tier referrals:
     5% for the life of their membership*

* As long as all referring affiliates remain as members

Action Referral Period 365 Days (Cookie Duration)

This means that anyone who clicks through your affiliate link and becomes a client or purchases any product within one year would be assigned as your referral. You would then earn commissions based upon their lifetime purchases. The same is true for anyone who becomes an affiliate because of your referral.

Campaign Reporting Real Time (through JROX JAM Interface on the SalesRecruiterSite)

You can see how your campaigns are doing, impressions, clicks, sign-ups, commissions earned, and commissions paid in any time you like just by signing in.

Allowed Campaign Types Website, PPC, Blog, Coupon, Email
Available Creatives/Links

Banner Sizes:
468 X 60 – 1
250 X 250 – 1
125 X 125 – 8

Text Links: 5 different text link ads currently available

Text Ads: 3 different ads currently available

Hoover Ads: 2 ad for each of two programs available

Email Notice for your Contacts: 1 describing our sales plan templates

Note – all creatives are always available for your review and use by signing into your  affiliate account.  In the future we will add more styles of banners and text links, as well as viral PDFs and custom affiliate landing pages.


Become an SalesRecruiterSite Affiliate!


Comments or Suggestion?
If you have any comments or suggestions about what you would like to see added to our affiliate program, or if you have ideas for tools that would help you earn more please let us know. You can use the comments box below or send us a note using the form on the contact us page.