There are so many dos and don’ts to remember when interviewing for a job in sales that it can play havoc with your confidence.  One way to lessen your nerves when navigating the job interview process is to think of it less as a test, and more as a conversation.  They’re finding out about you…you’re finding out about them.  Easier said than done, I know–but worth it.  So ask questions.  For example, if you’re asked about your process or reasoning, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to ask, “How do you do it in your organization?”  Any information you can gather about the company as you go will (1) help you tailor your answers as you go, and (2) will guide your own decision-making process.  Treating your job interview like a conversation and an information-gathering mission for yourself will relax you, increase your confidence, and present you as a better candidate. 

Have any of you tried this?  Has it helped?

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