I’m going to spend the next few posts showing you how to jazz up your job search and career…step it up, trick it out, be outstanding (like “Pimp My Ride”).  As a sales recruiter, I am aware that competition is fierce.  The candidate who will be hired will have taken a little more time and gone to some extra trouble with his resume, worked on his interview skills, and will have a great network of people in the industry that he/she knows to leverage.  There will be four parts:

I.  Pimp Your Personal Brand

II.  Pimp Your Resume

III.  Pimp Your Network

IV.  Pimp Your Interview Skills

And they will be in that order, because that is the order that you should work with for maximum success.  So, sit back, buckle up and get ready to take your career off the blocks, on high octane, with full-on bling!!  I hope it will be helpful for you.

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