As a sales recruiter, I get asked a lot by candidates about how to make themselves stand out in interviews.  Today’s podcast will offer you some thoughts on basic interview skills:

1)  DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!  You can use the internet to find out almost anything and everything about the company, and you should if you want to communicate that you care at all about this job.  I will give you different ways to do this.

2)  Have a great resume – There’s a lot of information available online about putting together a good resume, so I won’t go into all that here.  But do ask for input from others on your resume, and seriously consider putting together a business plan.  I have extensive information on a 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day business plans on my blog site.  It will be invaluable to read it, and I will also discuss it here.

3)  Closure.  Help the hiring manager see you in this job.  ( I offer a few ways you could accomplish this.)  And, remember to act like a salesperson and try to close the deal.  Ask for the business, which in this case, is the job.

There’s a lot more available in the podcast today.  I hope it’s helpful to you.

Peggy McKee – the medical sales recruiter… #3 – Interviews – how to make the cut!

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