Good sales skills transfer easily from one industry to another, so why should you consider healthcare sales?  Besides the fact that this area is continually evolving and changing with leaps in medical technology that will keep your job interesting and rewarding, healthcare sales are recession-proof.  A bad economy doesn’t affect the healthcare industry with nearly the impact it has on other industries.

(Want to find out more about how to successfully transfer to medical sales?  See How to Get Into Medical Sales – Volume I:  The Documents.  Audio coaching from Peggy McKee will help you understand why medical sales is a great place to be, and how to use the samples and templates provided for resumes and cover letters, technology sheets, brag books, and 30/60/90-day plans.  These are the things that will help you “wow” interviewers.)

And why do I think that almost any area of medical sales (imaging sales, pathology sales, clinical diagnostics sales, research lab sales, medical device sales) is better than pharma sales?  The one area of medical sales that does tend to be tied to the economy is pharmaceutical sales.  Fortune magazine had an article recently on layoffs in pharma sales.  Also, there are perception issues with pharma reps that don’t affect, say, research or clinical sales reps (which I also discuss in the podcast).  Medical schools even have a few issues with pharma reps.

Gabcast! Peggy McKee – the medical sales recruiter… #2 – Why Healthcare, medical or laboratory sales? Why not pharma?

Hear more on these issues in today’s podcast and other nuggets of medical sales wisdom in podcasts with Peggy

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