sales, medical, laboratory, internships, college students, entry-level

sales, medical, laboratory, internships, college students, entry-level

Internships can be tremendously valuable to college students looking for that resume experience, but I recently came across an article about how some college students are paying for the privilege. Bad idea. There are better ways to spend your money…like custom consulting from a recruiter in the industry you’re heading for. You can learn what specific actions you can take that will provide immediate as well as long-term benefits, and you can learn about how to position yourself for long-term success in medical sales, laboratory sales, clinical diagnostics sales, biotechnology sales, medical device sales, hospital equipment sales, imaging sales, pathology sales, DNA products sales, and healthcare sales, management, and marketing.

Another option:  enter medical sales like a pro with a 30/60/90-day sales plan and audio coaching on everything you need for interviews…a winning resume and cover letter, a brag book, a technology sheet, an impressive sales plan, quality references, and well-written thank you notes.

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