Sometimes candidates with degrees in the sciences find that they have a lot more information that the employer might want to know about them that just won’t fit in the traditional resume format.  To combat that issue and give yourself an interview edge, consider building a “Technology Sheet” – this is a one-page, column-formated accounting of all of the technologies that you are familiar with…some candidates actually rate their expertise with each (1 to 10).  Do you think that this would be useful for you?

It not always necessary to have some background in the sciences to get a job in medical sales, laboratory sales, medical supplies sales, hospital equipment sales, clinical diagnostics sales, pharmaceutical sales, imaging sales, pathology sales, cellular and molecular sales, and biotechnology sales.  But if you’ve got it, it helps.

For more information about technology sheets and other secrets to success in getting a medical sales job, see How to Get Into Medical Sales – Volume I:  The Documents.  It’s full of samples and templates of resumes, cover letters, technology sheets, brag books, 30/60/90-day sales plans, thank you notes, and more–it also includes over an hour of audio coaching from the Sales Recruiter to show you how to use these documents to your greatest advantage in your job search and interviews!

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