My candidate was interviewing for a capital equipment sales position. She read my blog and worked up a 30/60/90 day sales plan for the manager. She said that it took her 3 hours to do (more than normal because she is not from this industry). The manager called – she is moving to a final interview. The other 4 candidates (not mine) are not. Why? “She was so prepared. She had really thought the job out. The plan she had put together was very impressive. I wonder why more candidates don’t do this….” These are the manager’s statements. The answer is 1. – they don’t know how or 2. – they don’t want the job enough. Be my candidate – prepare the sales plan! You will be amazed at the doors that it will open. Even prepare the plan when you are applying for an internal promotion. So below I am going to paste in a sample of the 60 day part of the plan. Really it is usually more field time, less training and more customer introduction and a review of customer satisfaction with their current supplier – even if your company is the supplier…..Good Luck.

Here is the sample:

60 Days

  • Continue calling upon accounts and prospect within territory, completing 2-3 call cycles before month’s end. Make sure all Anchor, Core & Developmental accounts have been visited. 

  • Schedule first speaker/dinner program. 

  • Fine tune most efficient driving route through territory. 

  • Continue to turn in paperwork and call reports in a timely manner. 

  • Continue dialogue with District Manager for performance feedback. 

  • Fine-tune my personal presentation style. 

  • Study!

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