Job interviews are the most critical sales calls of your career.  You would never go into a sales call or presentation without extensive preparation:  a solid understanding of what they need and how you can provide that, why they should choose you (your product), and answers ready for any objections.  The same is true for job interviews.  You’re going to have to go the extra mile (especially in this economy!) to land a position in sales, but here are several great ways to set yourself apart from the competition.  Doing all of them will definitely make you a standout candidate!  Here’s how to prepare for a sales job interview

1.  Research the company.  There is no substitute for doing your homework.  Know what the company does, what its current issues are, and what the future plans include.  Your job is to find out what you can do for them.  Your research gives you material to talk about during the interview and a way to custom-fit your answers to their specific questions. 

2.  Build a brag book.  Click the link for the video and more explanation, but basically it’s a collection of awards, sales rankings, successful projects, letters from happy customers or managers, and so on.  When you present it during the interview, it showcases your presentation skills as well as your accomplishments.  Here’s a link to a podcast if you need it.

3.  Create a 30/60/90-day plan.  This kind of plan is a written demonstration of what you will do for the company in your first 3 months on the job–how you will get your training, how you will transition into being a contributing member of the sales team, and so on.  Here’s a link to a video and a blog post that explains them in more detail, but if you need more help, you can download samples and a template with audio coaching from the Sales Recruiter.  This kind of plan will definitely get the attention of the hiring manager.

4.  Read my Tips on How to Ace Your Medical Sales Interview.   The same principles are true for all kinds of sales jobs.  Also, here’s an article on Sales Interview Questions for you.  Think of your interview as a sales call, and act accordingly. 

5.  Consider custom coaching.  Most people need no more than an hour.  Ask the questions you need in a private, one-on-one conversation to improve your personal situation.  I’ve been a medical sales recruiter for over 10 years now, and I was in the medical sales area before that as a sales rep, regional manager, and national accounts manager.  The sales process, skills, and hiring issues are the same across the board.  I can go over your resume with you, critique your answers to interview questions and prepare you for the interview, give you insider tips, teach you how to negotiate and recognize a fair offer, build your personal brand, or even decide between job offers.  Career coaching works.

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