Back in the day, seniority counted.  For a lot.  It was an orderly progression up the career ladder, many times within a single company, and if you were good at your job, you’d likely get your turn in management.  Not anymore.  For one thing, career paths are not what they once were–it’s more common to not only job-hop, but to career-hop.  In addition, technology is advancing exponentially, and the one with the latest knowledge is going to have the jump on promotions.  None of this is big news.  However, because of all this flux, many older workers are finding themselves working for a manager/supervisor/boss who is younger than they are, and not all of them deal with that very well, and it can be a major stumbling block for older job candidates–something to keep in mind when you’re interviewing. 

Here’s a great article (Help! Save My Career!  My New Boss is Just a Kid!) that offers some really good advice for someone in that situation, including ways to position yourself for a promotion.   Of course, the main point is “Get over yourself!”, which I whole-heartedly agree with.  Don’t think some young whippersnapper can’t teach you a thing or two just because you have a lot of experience.  There’s a reason that young person got the job.  Find out what it is and see what you can learn from it, so that you can advance your career, too.

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