Don’t underestimate how important thank you letters are in the job interview process. Everybody “knows” they’re critical, but unbelievably, not everyone writes them. Thank you letters accomplish several things:

1) They get your name in front of the hiring manager one more time.

2) They are your last chance to package yourself as the best, most qualified person for the job.

3) They are polite, and manners count.

4) They help you land the job.

5) They can be an example of your ability to take in information (the interview) and process and provide feedback or new ideas about whatever the problem was. For example: I thought about your concerns about how to handle xyz delivery issues, when I was a product manager at ABC corporation, we used………
(See what I mean?)

Here’s a link for tips on how to write a thank you letter. Written ones are ideal (but snail mail may not get to the manager before the decision to hire or not hire), but e-mail thank yous are perfectly acceptable (and I think most valuable because of their timing). Any thank you letter will put you ahead of the pack in your job search.

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