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Are you a sales professional? Have you been laid off or just realized that your job isn't very secure? Are you in a sales career 'targeted' for compensation control?

If you want to avoid the career hardships ahead for sales people who are in cyclical industries...

…then you need to make the transition into medical or healthcare sales!

Watch as "The Sales Recruiter" tells you what you have to know about resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, technology sheets and 30/60/90 day sales plans in order to land your medical sales position.

Dear Sales Professional,

I have talked with candidates in the financial services industry, the automobile industry, the legal services industry, the retail industry, and others that are out of work (and no fault of their own). Some have gotten a job and been laid off, AGAIN. This is crushing them financially and professionally. Let’s don’t even talk about how this can impact relationship harmony!

If this is your experience or if you want to avoid this then you need to...


Make the transition into
medical or healthcare sales!


Why should you transition to medical or healthcare sales:

check Less volatile, less tied to market changes, less likely to lay off sales representatives. Don’t sweat the market changes, your products and company will be recession proof. People will always need medical and healthcare products. Even when the Dow is below 9000.
check More interesting – face it…..healthcare and medical is more interesting than copiers, software, payroll services, automobile technology, legal services, financial services, mortgages, and credit lines. Here you will learn cutting edge medical products and solutions.
check Strong training emphasis! I received Spin Selling Training, DISC Training, Strategic Selling Training and Large Account Management Training in less than 2 years with one company. That is over $25,000 in training – free to me. Why is that important? Because with training comes skill sets and those result in better pay, better opportunities, and more stability.
check Strong financial packages that include competitive base salaries, uncapped commission plans, bonuses, 401k matches and other incentives.
check Cutting edge tools: company car or allowance, cell phone, laptop computer, CRM –customer relationship management software, financial spreadsheets, demonstration models, creative support materials, etc.
check Performance based travel and trips. Mexico Beach Resorts, European Tours, Colorado Ski Resorts, etc. Medical and Healthcare companies employ the finest sales talent and reward that talent in amazing ways!


And to get into that industry you will need a brochure that you will sell you!


Yes - Your Resume! I prefer to think of it as a brochure.

Because then you will understand that this is a marketing tool.

What is it marketing or selling? YOU!

This is the most important sale of your professional career.

And your resume is your brochure.

It represents you in front of the recruiter, the hiring manager and the human resources person (when you aren’t there).
Does your resume sell you?

Look at your resume – is it interesting, exciting, inspiring?

Can you tell right away what type of job you are looking for? No? Uh-oh.

Do you have the keywords in your resume that will get you considered?

When a recruiter or company has a job to fill they go to their applicant tracking system and put in a few key words – like location, job, and maybe product or call point.

So it might be: “Chicago and Sales”

Would your resume show up in this search?

Ok – what if they typed in: Chicago Sales Physician

You wouldn’t show up? You don’t have physician on your resume?

Then guess what?

You will never get the call.

You won’t get the phone interview.

You won’t get the in-person interview.

You won’t get the job.

You won’t even get the crummy letter from HR saying they appreciated your application for the XYZ sales position but that they have filled the position.

What about words like: physician, disease, laboratory, clinical, women’s health, HIV, diabetes, wound care, nurses, lab manager, assays, devices, monitoring…

What about those? Oh – right, you don’t have that specific experience.

I can help.

We can get those important keywords on your resume.

You will come up in the applicant tracking system, you will get reviewed, you will get the interview. That is all that you want, right? The opportunity to get in front of the hiring manager, right?

I can do that for you!

Right now, your very clean crisp resume never gets a review or if it does it looks so much like all of the others, you don’t get a call.

You have to stand out!

What if you could have a resume template, a thank you note sample , a cover letter template, the technology sheet template (this is great way to highlight your particular experiences and drive keywords in your resume), 30/60/90 day sales plan samples and a private medical sales recruiter coach helping you prepare them for maximum impact, would you be interested?

Of course. Who wouldn’t?

Get ‘insider secrets’ to preparing all the documents for your job search

- resume, cover letter, sales plan, technical sheet, and thank-you notes - from a person responsible for getting THOUSANDS of sales professionals hired. This personal audio coaching with the template and samples will change your professional life. These documents and the understanding that Peggy will give you about how these documents are viewed by the recruiter or the hiring manager will impact your financial and professional future for the next 30 years!

If you are serious about your career, keep reading…

If you have EVER thought about a career in medical sales, or have you already tried unsuccessfully to get a serious interview with a company in medical sales, I’m about to reveal the secrets to how you can present yourself to any medical sales job in a manner that will get you an interview and a job offer.

What I will share with you is
unfair advantage in getting the job

regardless of your background.

You see, the secrets that I have assembled in this series give you such an unfair advantage over all other candidates, that hiring managers in the medical industry would actually have a heart attack if they knew what I was revealing.

Theses secrets are SO POWERFUL that hiring managers are afraid that they will hire someone who isn’t ‘qualified.’

What that means to you is that if you have dreamed of getting into medical or healthcare sales, but were afraid that the competition was too stiff, now YOU can have the advantage.

You will be able to work every phase of the job search, guided by a nationally known medical sales recruiter.

Everything you do in interacting with a company to get the job will be carefully crafted for maximum effect.

This product contains templates for almost all of the documents that you will use in your job search. BUT your documents will be fine-tuned to make sure they BLOW THE HIRING MANAGER AWAY!

You see after 15 years of sales and sales management experience and exclusive recruiting for the medical sales industry, I have learned EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t work.

Here is what you get:

red arrow

More than 1 hour of audio coaching from “the medical sales recruiter” – this is like having your own personal career coach. Get the insider perspective on resumes and learn about the other critical documents that you need to prepare in order to get the medical sales job of your dreams.

red arrow

A Resume Template – you can build your own custom resume using this template in just minutes – without wondering about the format or where to put the dates or whether or not to put your crocheting hobby on there.

red arrow

Sample E- mail Thank You Note (and tips). Did you know that some clients won’t hire a sales candidate that doesn’t send a follow up thank you note?

red arrow

A Cover Letter Template (and tips). Don’t put the same old “I’m really diligent and hard working” sap on there. Be bold.

red arrow

A Technology Sheet Template (and tips). Use this to highlight technology or disease state experience.

red arrow

Three sample 30/60/90 day sales plans (this is completely confidential and will give you the “unfair advantage” in your next job interview.)


The samples and templates are not all you get. You get a step-by-step walk through where I tell you ‘in my own voice’ exactly what to do when you prepare each document. This information has been gathered and compiled by me from my recruiting experiences with hundreds of companies and thousands of jobseekers.

Normally, my consulting fee for job seekers costs $250 per hour.
In this template there is more than an hour of concentrated, non-stop tips, tricks, tactics, and instruction. And you can listen to it as many times as you like.

If you and I were having a conversation by telephone (which is how most of my consultations are delivered) it would take much more than two hours for me to deliver all of this information. That makes the audio portion alone worth more than $500.

If you were to hire a professional resume writer you could easily spend more than $500 on the resume alone. If you add in the cover letter, the thank you letter, the technical sheet, you could be talking about another $250. That would mean you could spend upwards of $750 - AND STILL NOT GET the expertise that can ONLY come from someone who has lived and breathed job search, placement, and hiring in the medical sales arena for more than 15 years.

If you add it all together, you could easily pay more than $1250 and still not get the sales job interview!

But the information that we have compiled for you here is not available ANYWHERE else… it is practically priceless.


Some of priceless information you will receive:

blue check mark

How to structure your resume and cover letter for the maximum positive impression.

blue check mark

How to create excitement about your experiences.

blue check mark

How to build a resume that will get you the sales interview (even if you just graduated with a biology degree and have no sales experience)

blue check mark

How to land an interview by getting pulled up in the recruiter search. (This isn’t just about keywords)

blue check mark

How to use a 30/60/90 day sales plan to help the manager make the hiring decision.

blue check mark

And much, much more…

Here is an excerpt from the audio coaching that you will receive in How to Get Into Medical Sales System:

Employment history excerpt of the medical sales resume

Click the audio controls to hear a short sample of Peggy's audio coaching


Just this information would be more than most people would need to rise head and shoulders above the crowd. But I’m not done yet.

You get even more, I’ll show you:

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What are the “knock out factors” that you want to avoid?

blue check mark

What are the three things that every employer is looking for on your resume?

blue check mark

Should you send an email thank you note or a “snail mail” thank you note?

blue check mark

How can you create an opportunity to contact a manager after the interview? After the thank you?

blue check mark

How can you separate yourself definitively from all other candidates?

blue check mark

You don’t have sales experience, how can you create a resume that will get me a sales interview?

blue check mark

You don’t have medical sales experience, how can you get noticed by a prospective employer?

blue check mark

How to showcase a strong science background or a strong experience in a particular area.

blue check mark

Why a resume writer won’t be able to do a better job on your resume and thank you email than you can do.


That is a lot of information. Available to you right now!

And there’s more:

blue check mark

When to send thank you emails and who to send them to.

blue check mark

How to use your minority status as a plus on the resume.

blue check mark

How to address the layoff issue on the resume.

blue check mark

How your thank you note can cost you the dream job.

blue check mark

How to use the information that the manager or recruiter gives you about the job to impress the manager.


Don’t apply to another position without the secret sauce – keywords!

Don’t waste hours of your time presenting companies with a resume that won’t sell you and that just goes into the black box never to be seen again!


Here is an excerpt from the audio coaching that you will receive in How to Get Into Medical Sales System on how to get keywords into your resume:

How to get keywords excerpt of the medical sales resume

Click the audio controls to hear a short sample of Peggy's audio coaching


What do you need to do?

Buy "How to Get into Medical Sales" system now!

There are only 4 steps to your best brochure – your resume that sells YOU:


Download the Resume Template. Just copy and paste the resume template into your own word document.


Review the tips and hints for customization. Add all of the personalization that we suggest.


Delete all the tips and ….viola! You have a custom resume to use in your search for the medical sales job. Remember to run spell check and grammar check.


Click the audio controls on the downloaded 'product' page for the step by step instructions for each section and document


Don’t ever go to another interview
for a medical sales job without this tool.

And once you have a completed document, you can use it for the rest of your professional career. You can easily change it for each opportunity. And once you land your dream job and have contributed to the organization – you will be interviewing for promotions within your company.

Guess What?

This will be your secret tool that will impact your life in a very significant way!

What would a raise in base pay mean to you?

What would a stronger commission plan mean for you and your family?

Are you ready for a sales role but no one is taking you seriously?

This document will get you the interview you need to secure the medical sales opportunity that you seek.

It will position you for success.
How much is worth to you to know that you have the strongest presentation when applying for these prestigious and exciting positions?

Buy Now! Customize your Resume NOW!

You don't have to worry about whether or not this product is going to help you. We are so sure that this is the finest product of its kind on the market, that we stand behind it with an "Iron-Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee"

No legalese, no confusing words, just a straight refund if you don't like our product... Read it below for yourself.


This product is backed by our iron clad "30 DAY GUARANTEE" It is our promise that you'll be satisfied with the product or we'll take it back within 30 days, no matter what. All you have to do is ask. If you aren't happy, we aren't

30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee
It's that simple.
There's no need for excuses. If you buy any product via our website and decide it is not satisfactory, just contact our support center for a credit to your original form of payment.


Don’t wait another minute to have the document that you will use to get where you need to go in your career.

Invest in yourself.

Invest in your career.

Set yourself apart from the flock of candidates that hiring managers see…


Get "How to Get Into Medical Sales"
30-60-90 Day Sales Plan with Audio Coaching

Get this incredibly powerful sales career tool with:

  • Medical Sales Resume Template
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Thank You Letter Sample
  • Technology Sheet Template
  • 3 Sample 30/60/90 Day Sales Plans

and MORE than 60 minutes
of custom audio coaching from
"The Medical Sales Recruiter"

only $397 $197


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If you aren't ready to purchase at this time, perhaps you should check out our other products on the 30 60 90 Day Sales Plan website.


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Wishing you great success…
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