I’ve said that if you are interested in a job as a medical sales rep (in pharmaceutical sales, medical device sales, laboratory and clinical diagnostics sales, or pathology sales) you should do certain things:  study sales, have some sales experience, and especially do a ride-along with someone who works in the specific field you’re interested in.  Well, have I got something great for you:  a virtual ride-along (it doesn’t replace the real thing, but it’s a perfect starting point). 

Aaron Stahl e-mailed me recently to bring my attention to his website (www.e-shadow.com) that prints interviews with people who work in particular fields.  He’s got one with a medical device sales rep and one with a pharmaceutical sales rep.  There’s some very candid, what’s-a-typical-day-like information, as well as advice on what steps you can take to enter this field…like taking a few classes in anatomy and physiology or medical terminology if your background is not in science.  They also point out how hard it is to get your foot in the door…the pharmaceutical sales rep says that it took him over a year to get hired because of the heavy competition.  All the more reason to have The Medical Sales Recruiter on your side!  (if I could do Superman music here, I would)

Want more help from the Medical Sales Recruiter?  Try audio coaching–this product covers every aspect of your bid to get a great job in medical sales, from how to build your resume with the proper keywords, to which documents to bring to the interview (like a brag book, a technology sheet, and a 30/60/90-day sales plan).

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