Creating a sample business plan is an outstanding way for you to distinguish yourself from the competition in the sales job search.  I have received dozens of requests for a sample business plan, and I want to refer you all to my previous series of posts on the 30-day plan, the 60-day plan, and the 90-day plan.  There are samples and links to samples in those. 

Remember, the kind of business plan I’m referring to is nothing more than you researching your specific position in the medical sales field, analyzing what it takes to be successful in it, and writing a “to-do” list for yourself. 

Goals, in other words.  Yes, it is hard work to take on before you even know if you’re hired, but that kind of effort will absolutely get a hiring manager’s attention and increase your chances of success once you do get the job. 

I found an article on writing a business plan for business owners that might get you thinking in the right direction. I know that you may not be a business owner – but your job will be your little “business”. His top tips:

  • Know your market – size, competition, and risks. (what kind of pool are you swimming in?)
  • Know your financial condition – top line, bottom line, and cash flow (company financial situation, commission structure)
  • Know your operation – sales, marketing, manufacturing, and administration (how do different departments support each other?)
  • Know your story – who, what, where, when, how, and why your business exists (what’s so good about you and this company?)
  • Invest the time if you want someone else to invest the money! (in hiring you)

Bottom line:  Think about how you’ll be successful in the job you want and write down the incremental goals that will get you there.

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