As an entrepreneur, you need to have all of the competitive advantage that is available to you. A simple to implement way to gain an edge over even your larger competitors is by making use of a virtual PBX phone system service. This type of solution helps make your company appear bigger than reality through the use of certain really cool components.

As a beginning, an online phone solution makes use of a virtual receptionist, also known as an auto attendant, very similar to the system used by large businesses. This feature answers and directs automatically, incoming phone calls so that they are routed to the proper employee or department.

Rules for call answering let you establish how inbound phone calls are routed, and thus handled. An inbound call can go to voicemail, different extensions or totally different phone numbers based on a set of rules you define. You can define rules based on the time of day, the day of the week, and even the caller ID of the inbound call.

A call queue system can be created, which can put callers on hold until the next employee is ready to take the call. You can define what is heard by the caller as they are waiting, such as music, or a customizable message. By using a queue, you make sure that phone calls are handled as quickly and efficiently as practical.

A full featured voicemail services is included that allows inbound phone calls to be handled with customizable greetings and messages to be left in separate mailboxes. You can then be notified when a new message is received, and it is even possible to receive the voice mail as an email attachment, giving you the ability to quickly handle the issue.

Multiple telephone extensions let you effectively route phone calls to the correct place. This will also give your small business the impression of having various departments with quite a few employees. Extensions can be added as you need them, allowing for easy and affordable telephone service growth.

When using an online phone service, you have the option of a local phone number, a toll free phone number, or you can have both. While the toll free option will not cost you more to use, it will give your small business that large business feel.

These are just a few of the features provided by a virtual PBX phone system service that help make your small business come across to the customers to be bigger than it really is. Try an affordable, simple to operate online phone service and see how its powerful features will help with the effort to improve your company’s bottom line.

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